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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Standard Operating Procedures of Business ?
We submit a Formal Quote only against a Confirmed ICPO on End Buyers Company Letter Head duly Signed, Stamped with Company Seal. It should Contain Buyers Bank information and names of at Least 3 Shipping Lines they work with.
Which is the response time to any ICPO ?
They are acknowledged within 24 Hours and any further information that required is asked for and a SCO is sent within 48 Hours.
What happens after we receive the SCO ?
End Buyer can ask for further information, if any required on the Price and Terms of SCO and upon agreement need to Sign and Stamp and send it back to us for a Full Corporate Offer (FCO). After receipt of Signed and Stamped FCO, Soft Copy of Contract shall be sent for Signing and subsequently Hard Copies Exchanged within 7 Days through express courier. Further Payment Instruments LC/SBLC have to be sent to our Bank within 7 Bank Working Days and thereafter Shipments will be affected within stipulated time agreed.
What are acceptable Payment Instruments ?
We strictly work with Documentary Letter of Credits at Sight (DLC) and Standby Letter of Credits (SBLC) from Top 25 Premium Banks Only OR Routed and Confirmed by them for Payment Guarantees. For Contract Guarantees we accept Bank Guarantees too apart from SBLC.  

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